Technical information


Brainscore performance

1) performers
2) 3 electrodes
3) 2 x neurofeedback (BrainMaster 2E)
4) 2 x PC Pentium III 800 MHz
5) 2 LCD video projectors with a polarization lens
6) audio equalizer and amplifier
7) loud speakers
8) 2 x digital video cameras
9) PC Pentium III 1000 MHz
10) silver canvas – frontal projection
11) 2 LCD video projectors
12) 2 x black canvas – frontal projection
13) 2 x 18” LCD monitors
14) 10/100 switch


Engine V6 is a model based 3D application for Windows with naive-script support:

Some of its features:

-16,24,32 bit rendering
-Perspective, shaded texture mapping
-Z-Buffer rendering
-Fogging – depth based, vertex fog
-programmable alpha blending (transparency)
-Lens flares
-Shadows (needs HW stencil buffer support in some cases)
-Multiple light sources with spot, directional or point lights.
-Colored dynamic specular lighting
-Embedded scene editor
-Full 3D frustum clipping,
-support for HW rubber-band clipping
-Collision detection
-Environment mapping, bump mapping and multi-texture shaders
-Support for 3D sound
-Support for MP3
-Support for .x files
-Support for TGA, BMP, JPG, DDS textures
-Support for AVI textures
-Support for capture devices
-Client/Server Application
-Network support
-Model based LOD tables
-Model based frame-by-frame animation playback system with linear or hermite interpolation
-Naive action-based script system based on actions, timelines and finite-automata states
-Embedded real-time script compiler
-Console window
-Support for T&L
-Support for different stereo modes
-Requires DirectX 7.0