About Brainscore



Brainscore is a performance for two operators, which act in a virtual reality environment through their avatars.

It is the first of its kind to attempt to completely avoid physical participation of operators in the management of avatars.
The task is achieved by triggering command on a console through a system based on operator’s brain waves signals (neurofeedback technology) and an eye movement tracking system.

The aim of the performance is to create a controlled flow of information in terms of audio-visual messages in order to establish communication with the audience.

The flow of the information moves from physical space into virtual (performers > avatars) and than back (avatars > audience). In this sense avatars assume the role of intermediary (or couriers) of information behaving as a “virtual filter” between performers and audience.

The virtual reality environment is projected in stereo allowing viewers to watch the performance wearing polarized glasses, therefore enabling them to perceive the events in 3D as appearing between the two performers.
This offers a completely new point of view over the matter of the identification of operators with their avatars, leading the audience to perceive a concrete co-existence (as a kind of promiscuous co-penetration) of two Realities at the same time.